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Summer Breakfast + Blog Award

By dessertsyum · November 19, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

My first attempt at blueberries pancakes for breakfast was supposed to be a good start for my day :( but I have to say I've learnt quite a few things from it. Earlier on, I put them nicely on plate and was happily photographing them. I was sooooo pleased with my softened butter LOL, but when I had my first bite I felt like laughing. It doesn't taste like pancakes at all because I made a few mistakes along the way and to cut the long story shorter, I'm just going to give you some tips so that you don't make the error as I did (read below).

I think one of my conclusion is that I'm glad this breakfast was made for myself - imagine my dad/brother eating it, I might be the joke of the day. Haha omg. Nevermind I'll do a better job next time, if I had buttermilk, I'd have done buttermilk pancakes instead.. (or you can recommend me your foolproof pancake recipe! Haha ^o^)

For the less rounded pancakes, I use a bear-shaped cookie cutter to cut them. HAHA, CUTEE!! (I like my butter here =P)

Anyway I just realised that I've received a blog award from Wendy of My Buttery Fingers. Omg, sorry that was already few months ago. I don't know if you'll believe this, but I really really check out her blog often (because she's another teenage baker who shares the same interest as me! -grin- and she has excellent photography!!). Interestingly, I've read her blog award post before, except that I missed out the section where she said she's passing the award to me (and some other food bloggers). In fact, she's also one of the bakers who introduced me to food photography and has helped me a lot with her advice :)  Haha, thank you Wendy! (I'm so proud of your dulce de leche, a big congratulations on that part because I doubt I can ever make them successfully and safely LOL)

So here're 7 things about me:

1) I dyed my hair!! (a little light brown and it makes me look very fair)

2) If I have choice to be re-born again, I want to be a tree. I like greens!

3) I've been secretly admiring (Chef) Johnny Iuzzini for a long time. I watched all his videos on YouTube and he's the most charming pastry chef I know of (OMG SHHH!!)

4) I don't mind driving lessons in the near future but I wish somebody can help me park the car. LOL

5) At Macdonald's, I eat french fries and burgers dipped in pancake syrup. I know, I'm weird.

6) I actually don't like chocolates alone (but love them in icecreams/cookies/cakes!)


I'm nominating these 7 bloggers,

1) Viviane of Food & Style
2) Lia Chen of My Bentolicious
3) Mathea Tanner of Peas Love Carrots
4) Mr P of DeliciousDeliciousDelicious
5) Denise and Laudalino of Chez Us
6) Brie of Le Grand Fromage
7) Robert Lhulier Fork & Cork

Pancake recipe by Mark BIttman on NYTimes (click for video!)

1 cup flour
1 tbsp sugar
1 tsp baking powder
1 egg
1 cup milk

Combine the ingredients. I added some blueberries and crushed walnuts :) You should be able to make 10 pancakes!

Tips I can offer:

Make sure your pan is hot enough! (Otherwise your pancake batter'll spread and you will end up having a very flat and wide pancake - I did not know this earlier so I added more flour to my batter to prevent the batter from being watery. LOL! I later realise its because my pan wasn't hot enough -.-")
Remember to butter your pan, but not too much!
Be patient! Flip the pancakes when the sides are firm (you'll be able to see that)
It's okay to ruin your first two pancakes, haha. You'll know when to flip and how much batter to pour eventually :)

I've no doubts about this recipe, I think my major mistake came in when I added more flour to it (*embarrassed LOL*)


I returning to Singapore tomorrow morning. Work is starting in the afternoon. I'm anxious. I'm excited.

posted by Lia Chen

Thanks a lot Dolly for the award ... really excited! muachh ... :ox

posted by Mathea

Aw, Doreen, thank you so much! It's an honor coming from a fellow blogger I admire! I'll wear it proudly :).


thank you so much! that is so sweet of you! i will make sure this goes right up on the blog. so awesome coming from you - i love your blog!


Congrats on the award! I love the looks of those pancakes - yum!

posted by

Thanks all! :D

posted by Arormachoff

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