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S for strawberries, summer & smile!

By dessertsyum · November 13, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

Looks like I hadn't got enough of strawberry treats. Actually there weren't many (fruit) options at the supermarket for me either, but I love strawberries, so that's okay! Bringing its flavour into desserts is way easier than other lighter/mildy flavoured fruits :) Besides, I'm deeply in love with their bright, red colour!! It's extremely attractive and since they taste really sweet, it's a bonus :D

So.., did you guess what I made correctly? I'd call it Berries IceCream Cake. IceCream! That's right. I LOVE ICECREAMS. I wouldn't mind living on them for a week =P It consists of an oreo cookie base, strawberries, raspberry swirled icecream and a little blueberries for garnish. If you try it out once, I promise you'll do it again! It's incredibly easy, it can be done within 30minutes (plus a few hours for the freezing time) and quite importantly, it can be made ahead :D (this dessert is a keeper!)

These are for my grandfather and 10-year-old-cousin's birthday! :) Children are easy to please, whatsmore, its icecream!! (See the brown coloured character in the place? It is "le" which means happiness in chinese ^o^)

I would love to make my own icecream one day! 'd done that a few times without an icecream maker but never succeed in producing a creamy and soft one =\ But that can wait, I think getting a food processor is more practical for now! :) :) So you know I've always been crushing cookies for cheesecake base as well as this icecream cake cookie base manually. Lol!


Frozen oreo cookie base. If you use my recipe (shown below) please note that the yield of the cookie base will produce just a little more than what you need. I only managed to make 7 individual icecream cakes of this little size with that 1 box of icecreams. Don't worry about the leftover oreos though, I didn't have any problem finishing them. You won't, too!


Berries IceCream Cake (Serves 7)

140g oreo cookies, processed
27g butter, melted
1 pint raspberry swirl icecream (you can change to other flavours!)
2boxes Strawberries, halved
blueberries (optional)

1. Combine the cookies and melted butter and press them firmly into your cake ring (any shape you prefer). Freeze for 20minutes.
2. Place strawberries such that the side that has been sliced is facing the cake ring. Spoon slightly softened icecreams into the cake ring.
3. Level the icecream and freeze for 2hours.
4. Using a sharp knife dipped into hot water, slide it around the cake ring so that it loosens from the icecream cake.
5. Remove the cake ring. Icecream may melt alittle, so dont take too long :)
6. Freeze again and take them out 5minutes before serving.

I KNOW. You just said I'm a cheater. Right?! You can't believe it is SOOOO easy!! Remember to try it out =D My mum and I had 2 of these for dinner. Omg haha. By the way, the oreo cookie base are superb. I just realised that crushing them without removing the cream is even better! Yum yum.


Happy baking! I'll be going Malaysia for a week, will find time to update the blog if possible :D Take care.

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posted by Theresa111

Dolly, I had some computer issues. I have not forgotten our interview. Please forgive my slow pace. Look for the questions quite soon. I loved these frozen desserts. there is a magazine called Frozen Desserts. You should check it out.

posted by

Hi Theresa, it's okay, don't worry! Yeah I think I've seen them before. Thank you anyway! =)

posted by

I have an awesome strawberry frozen yogurt recipe http://kitchencorners.blogspot.com/2009/11/strawberry-frozen-yogurt-made-with-fage.html if you ever want to make these with frozen yogurt.

posted by

Omg that sounds like a GREAT idea!! I WILL =) thank you so much :D :D

posted by foodlvee

Great shots looks so cute.

posted by YINA



these look so beautiful - and delicious! very well done!

posted by Mr.P

You are so talented! Can you mail me a platter of those? :)

posted by

all; Haha, thank you! =)


You're right! That is so simple =D. I love the flavours and ease! Not to mention how gorgeous they look!

posted by Anonymous

looking so delicious .

posted by foodlovee

All looks so good pls inform me when you open your bakery.

posted by Lia Chen

Dolly, they look so yummy ... I wish I can have one bite of your ice creams tarts. I might try it also at home if you don't mind (^.^)

posted by Souffle Bombay

So stinking cute!!!!


These are adorable, and yummy looking! Great post!

posted by

Yeah thanks! :) Please try them at home


I think these are the cutest things ever.

posted by Audax Artifex

They are so beautiful and I love the idea of the cut berries on the side of the ice cream cake. And the recipe is so simple and I'm sure when you make ice cream it will be excellent.

Sorry I only found your questions on my Daring Bakers' forum page

When a recipe call for ingredients (e.g. 100g of sugar/flour), do they mean 100g of sifted flour or do they mean 100g of unsifted flour? You usually sift flour for cakes, sponges the only time I think you don't sift is when you are making pancake batters (and even then it doesn't matter) so I also sift flour. OBTW sponges might need to be triple sifted (the recipe will tell you). About normal table sugar if is caked I sift it and if I'm making meringue I will always sfit and you must sift icing sugar since it will go hard. and have lumps.

And hope you can help me on another question!
What is the difference (tastewise) between a tart dough containing egg and not containing egg? I've always made the latter as a recipe without egg can be halved easily to the desired yield.
Well they really is a big taste difference in tart dough without and with eggs. Eggs add a lovely taste, mouthfeel and tenderness to tart dough and help to colour the pastry to a deep golden brown. Tart dough without eggs are usually used when you already have a very very rich filling . About using a half egg, I separate the white and the yolk beat each lightly that way I can weigh them to get any ratio I want. I always do 1/2,1/4 or 1/3 of recipes for experiment.

Hope these help

posted by ciaochowlinda

These are simply gorgeous and look so refreshing. Great way to end a meal.

posted by

Audax, thank you. It helps! :) :D

posted by

These are adorable! I only wish I was talented enough to re-create them :)

posted by

They are really easy! Oreo cookie crust then arrange the strawberries and fill with icecreams :) I'm extremely sure you can do it!!! =)

posted by MaryMoh

These look so simple to make and yet so delicious. I need to go and look for those rings. Thanks for sharing.

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