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CakeTree.sg is moving to awalkingdream.blogspot.com

By dessertsyum · April 25, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Hi everybody,

It's been 6months before I gain so much support and see the increasing blog traffic. I sincerely thank you all for dropping by because it makes me know that there are people reading my baking adventures. However, I regret to say I'm moving my food blog to http://awalkingdream.blogspot.com

Like every other bloggers who moved their space, I struggled with my decision for weeks. I have reasons for moving and it really breaks my heart that I cannot import my posts from here to blogspot/blogger (am not the only one having this problem! I checked the google forum and it seems like blogger's not addressing the issue).

Well this blog is actually hosted by onsugar.com and for the past 6 months I'd been very happy with how quickly the admin would get back to me whenever I needed help. But soon, when I wanted a better layout for my blog, I realized that I am more experienced in editing blogger HTML code. (had been doing that since I was 12 and stopped only 2 years ago). Adding on to it, I know of readers who've problem commenting here. I figured out that if I wanted a blog that'd be documenting my baking stories since I'm 16, I should move to blogger.

Since I had difficulty importing my posts to my new foodblog, I initally wanted to manually post every single of my posts here so that I can delete this blog, and at the same time change my new food blog's url to my domain caketree.sg (I paid it for 2 years!!).

Then guess what? I realized that if I did that, all my previous links to the recipes from Foodgawker & Tastespotting would be broken!

O.m.g. How'd those who click on my pictures submitted to the food galleries know I've moved?!?!

That's why I decided to leave this blog (w my PAID domain caketree.sg) here eventually & most of the recipes in new blog recipe index will still direct you to the pages here - caketree.sg

Once again, thank you all in every way. Hope to see you at A Walking Dream :)
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